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Kazan IT Park hosted one of the leading Turkish construction companies

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29 May 2012

Today the CEO of the "Polimeks" company Erol Tabanca has arrived to the IT Park. The presentation of the IT park was made by deputy director Iskander Dinislamov.

Mr.Tabanca was interested in architecture and infrastructure of the complex, because his company is one of the leading Turkish construction companies. He liked the decision of a single central hall, which brings together all five floors of the building and creates a feeling of extra space.

IT park infrastructure includes the following: the branch of the Bank, post office, a coffee shop, restaurant, dining room, hotel, conference hall, press center, 4 car-parking areas, and bicycle parking.

After a brief presentation the guest from Turkey was revealed Data center. He was taken to a small data center to 250sq.m, where all state digital resources are stored, and the area of ​​commercial deployment, which is 3 times bigger than previous and has 750 sq. m. area. Also the Turkish guest was told about a high degree of fault tolerance, evidenced by the international standard TIER 3. This means that the data center is almost impossible to stop. Today it has totally 5 MW of assured energy supply from two independent sources, and also two independent diesel generators, that will provide energy to data center for 56 hours.

At the end of tour CEO of Polimeks was showed young projects in the Business Incubator of the Kazan IT Park.

Polimeks company is one of the largest Turkish companies in the construction industry. Today the organization has additional offices in China, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan. Also over the past years, the company is a major construction developer of modern Turkmenistan.